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 My life coach has a magical gift for seeing the bright side.

The lesson to be learned, the opportunity to grow, the need to let go, the possibilities that lie in change. She listens and really hears me…my words, my thoughts, my fears and helps me realize what I am saying…See the full article…













Group Coaching

  • This is the first workshop I’ve ever been to, where I find myself NOT wanting it to end!
  • I am telling all my girlfriends! This is definitely a must-take class!
  • It will change your life!
  • This class created a connection and a safe environment to share and discuss topics that let you know you are not alone, that you can feel good and even laugh about it!
  • I end every class feeling better… clear and inspired to make continued positive change in my life! I even feel lighter after!
  • Thank you for your dynamic, positive motivation! It was just what I was looking for!
  • I want a longer class!!!
  • This experience of meeting such great women has been invaluable to me!
  • It’s nice to know you are not alone. This class makes it so much better!
  • Thank you! This series helped me learn I can be true to myself and say no to others without being burdened with guilt. That it is possible to show compassion to others and not compromise myself.
  • I love this class! It’s fun, engaging, meaningful and I’ve learned so much!!
  • This class has helped me see things from a new, clearer perspective. I feel so much lighter! Thank you! Truly!

I won’t hesitate to share this experience with any other woman. It has been that positive!


Energy Therapy:

The material you presented was beautiful and appropriate and inspirational. I love how you present your healing meditations. I found the one Thursday evening deliciously soothing and relaxing – exactly what I needed physically, emotionally, and inspiration-wise. Thank You!! MS Arizona

Amazingly my anxiety is gone since seeing you. VV British Columbia

This has been a catalyst for meaningful transformation and growth. I have truly benefited. Thank you! JM British Columbia

Your energy session was completely wonderful, relaxing, and soothing. JS Alberta

Wow thank you from the bottom of my heart! What you did for me, the gift you gave me I can never forget! I feel so much better. Renewed! I have the answers I needed to move forward. Thanks. NT British Columbia

I am feeling love in a different way now. I am allowing myself to feel it and does it EVER feel good!!

VD British Columbia

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