Currently Flying Solo?

Dreading Valentine’s Day?

Don’t Dread it.               

Dial Up & Dinner it!   

Join the

Single Ladies Valentines Virtual Dinner Party

We cooould go out to dinner to dine…but we’ll save that for another time.

Let’s be honest. We are tired.

As single women, we work, we are often solely responsible for making all the big decisions and seeing to the day-to-day needs of our children, we keep homes, we pay our own bills, we shovel our own driveways, we worry about our future and we long for companionship, commitment, romance, tenderness, support, adoration, respect, passion and rock solid, genuine love…and the last thing we feel like doing on Valentines Day is packaging ourselves up to hustle out to a packed restaurant full of couples.

That is why I created the

Single Ladies Valentines Virtual Dinner Party

From the comfort of your own home, in your favorite cozy pajamas, with your hair thrown up in a messy bun, bring a glass of wine or a mug of tea, your favorite meal, prepared or ordered in, use your good china, cloth napkin, light a candle and            join me for a FREE LIVE 75 Minute Call in Webinar February 14th at 6 pm.

You will be able to view and hear me live via your computer screen and by dialing in you will be able to join the conversation. No worries, no one one can see you and if you prefer to simply contribute to the conversation via typed text rather than interactive voice with the other participants, you can simply log on to the live webinar via the link that will be sent to you after registration.

While we each dine in the comfort of our own home:

  • We are going to talk about using the Law of Attraction to attract the relationship you TRULY want
  • We’ll discuss possible unknown blocks that may be hindering you having that relationship
  • As well we’ll talk about how to honor yourself out of a relationship in the meantime 

We will open up the line for some juicy relationship Q & A

And for dessert we will wrap up the dinner party with a

Manifest Genuine Love Meditation

to release blocks and align your energy with your desired intentions for a mutually, loving, respectful and passionate relationship

Here is how it works:

This is my Valentines Gift to You and as such IT IS ABSOLUTELY FREE!

You register by by emailing me at  

  • After registration a confirmation will be sent to you affirming your RSVP to the Valentines Virtual Dinner Club
  • Included will be the details & instructions

On the evening of the event there are TWO  ways to participate:

ONE -  At 6 pm on Thursday February 14th you click on the link that will be emailed to you after registration and prior to the event, additionally you dial in on the phone number that is our dedicated conference line also emailed to you along with the link (your normal long distance rates will apply) By doing both you will be able to view me live via the computer and hear me and the other dinner guests as well as contribute via the phone. This is the best & recommended option!

TWO – At 6 pm on Thursday February 14th at 6 pm you click on the link emailed to you after registration and prior to the event. This will allow you to see and hear me live via your computer (no phone charges with this option). While you will be able to hear me and you will be able to respond by typing in the text box provided on your screen, you will not be able to hear the contributions and questions from the other dinner guests.

I always want to give a girl options! As always choose what suits you the best.

I look forward to ‘meeting’ you for our Valentines Virtual Dinner & Love Meditation!

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