Lessons of Loss

Recently the small community I live in outside Vernon BC suffered a tremendous loss. We lost a fellow Mother. To honor her properly I will share that her name was Brenda. I didn’t know Brenda well, only to see her at the school Christmas Concert, Funfair, May Day Celebration or other school events but she stood out to me to be a fierce and devoted Mother to her two children and a loving wife to her husband.

Brenda’s time on earth ended while waterskiing with her family on a local lake.

She was vibrant and healthy and strong one moment and gone the next.

The suddenness of this brought pause to my life. How quickly EVERYTHING can change. In an instant everything we know to be “true” can shift or be completely obliterated.

If you have suffered loss, death, injury, health challenges or divorce you know from experience that your life can change in a blink.

Our response to this can be to try to live safer, more cautious maybe even smaller to avoid risking our heart, our life.

This is NOT the solution. We’ve all heard the famous quote of Marianne Williamson “Your playing small serves no one.” And I have to add…least of all you.

The lesson from loss is to live BIGGER, DEEPER, TRUER…squeeze every ounce of nectar out of this one and precious life that is your gift for this moment. From the very small menial details of life to the meaningful.

The next morning after learning of Brenda as I got dressed, the thought came into my mind “Life is too precious for bad panties.Meaning life is too precious to settle for less. Life is too precious for […]

Darling You Have Already Arrived!

You have nothing more to prove.

You are already enough. You always have been.

When my children were born, I looked at them and thought “They are perfect.”

They hadn’t accomplished, acquired or achieved a thing. They were naked, had no possessions, could not walk, talk or even focus their own eyes.

Still they were perfect. They were enough. They were lovable.

And so are you.

Because each of us was born with an inner divinity that makes us inherently lovable.

It is a right bestowed to us at birth – a birth right.

You do not need to earn it.

You simply ARE.

Struggle happens in our life when we deny ourselves this inherent lovability. When we judge ourselves as not being worthy of love, not being enough.

We judge ourselves as not being enough because…

Someone told us we weren’t…we don’t have a husband/wife/partner, aren’t a size four, don’t make enough money, were abandoned as a child, rejected by a lover, divorced, are a single parent.

We haven’t achieved the success we want.

We don’t have the home/car/status we want, we have health issues, we haven’t proven ourselves.

We haven’t accomplished, achieved or acquired…

Yet…didn’t you also come into the world naked, with no possessions, not able to walk, talk or focus your own eyes?

Then to my eyes you too are perfect. You too are enough. You are lovable.


No “but”…just breathe and repeat “I am enough. I am lovable.” Let it settle…breathe… “I am enough. I am lovable.” …breathe.

Feel how your body relaxes.

Feel how your Spirit, your Soul, your Self Essence says “Ahhhh yesssss.”

Feel how your mind takes a pause.

Truth always feels good.

Tell me does this feel good?

Enough said.

4 Truths That Support EVERY Woman

It was a surreal experience. You know the kind. When every cell in your body is so filled with the delicious emotions of joy, love, gratitude, contentment and peace that you are buoyant.

I was at Sparkling Hill Resort hosting my first ever retreat, the Autumn Awakening Girlfriend Getaway Spa Retreat. Months of preparation had gone into orchestrating it and organizing it. A thousand minute details had been seen to ensuring it was a genuinely rewarding and regenerative experience for each of the beautiful nineteen ladies travelling from all directions to attend.

The Friday evening and Saturday morning presentations, energy meditation and group sessions had gone exceptionally well, as had the delectable lunch that followed. And now I was taking advantage of the additional benefits of the retreat, the KurSpa saunas, steam rooms and pools. My body was liquid, fluid and serene from making my rounds soaking in the succulent steam of the herbal infused Salt Steam Room, the heady, uplifting essence of the Rose Steam Room and my absolute favorite, the eucalyptus infused 40 degree Celsius Crystal Steam Room. Between each I visited the invigorating 10 degree Celsius Igloo room or the Tropical Shower experience to cool my body ending with profound serenity and relaxation in the Aqua Meditation room where I was mesmerized into meditation by the water droplets cascading from the ceiling into a Swarovski Crystal bowl in the center of the plush purple room.

I had let the dry heat of the Herbal, Panorama and Finnish Saunas ranging in […]

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5 Perks to Green Smoothie Love

A Green Smoothie a Day Makes you Luscious!

Drinking a healthy green smoothie daily or 3 to 5 days per week is good lovin’ for your luscious self and will support you in these 5 ways:

  1. Give you more energy: with a powerhouse of vitamins, proteins and complex carbs your energy just got a jump start!
  2. Improve Regular Digestion: with the addition of ground chia and flax seeds you are getting the best soluable fiber nature has to offer!
  3. Support Regular Detoxification: increased digestion is one of the most important ways to rid your body of toxins!
  4. Reduce Salt & Sugar Cravings: consider it re-training for your taste buds. The more natural and whole food you eat, the more your taste buds will begin to crave these foods over processed foods high in salt and sugar!
  5. Make You Gorgeous - that’s right all the anti-oxidants and healthy oils are going to make your skin glow and your eyes shine!

Watch the video below to see how I make my

Diva Green Smoothie

and WHY each ingredient is soooo important to your health…I promise the information is worth it!

Because you need vitality to

Let Go & Live Luscious!

Here are all the ingredients I used

Green Smoothie Ingredients JodiSeery

Establish Sweet Relationship with Your Self to Heal Your Relationship

The relationship we have with ourselves is the foundation for all other relationships we experience in our lives, most especially our intimate relationships.

Right Relationship

To heal, strengthen and nourish our external relationships we must first heal, strengthen and nourish our inner relationship with ourselves.

We are 100% responsible for bringing 100% of ourselves to our relationships. This means that we are bringing our full self, our whole self, NOT our HOLE self.

A mutually, fulfilling, reciprocal and rewarding relationship is only possible when we first meet our own needs, nurture and fulfill ourselves. Expecting or thinking someone else will ‘complete’ us (damn Gerry Maguire BS!) will only result in a transactional, co-dependent and disappointing relationship.

It is impossible for anyone else to complete you. That is your job.

Ask yourself this “Do I want a needy partner, who doesn’t take responsibility for themselves, who expects me to figure out his/her shit or do I want somebody who respects themselves enough to know themselves well and meet their own needs, so they come to the relationship whole and ready to share themselves so we can enhance one another’s life, rather than fixing it?”

Your partner or potential partner wants the same.

Wholeness is not perfection.

Wholeness is knowing yourself well enough to have awareness and compassion for your […]

Shadow Boxing

We all have a shadow self.

No matter how shiny the outside looks.

Inside, we have moments of self doubt; the “I’m not enough” thoughts or “I can’t do this”; the laundry list of perceived flaws, short comings, inadequacies, faults.

We compare our inside world to the glossy version of someone else’s exterior world.

We feel inadequate…LESS.

Like we have not figured out something the successful/beautiful/talented/thin/glowing/happy woman has figured out.

Maybe they were born with something I was not” we think”maybe I will never have what they have.”

We may have justifications as to why we are ‘less’. “I didn’t have a very good upbringing. I wasn’t born with a silver spoon in my mouth, I was abused, I was abandoned, I’ve never been loved, I’m alone, I lost my job, I’m overweight,  I’m not healthy, I’m in debt, I don’t have time, I’m not…(fill in the blank)”

Here is what I want you to know about this:

1)      It is a STORY you are telling yourself.

2)      If the story doesn’t feel good – you are free to re-write it so it does.journalling

Before you start to think I am suggesting you live in denial or lie to yourself, let me explain.

You might well have been born into poverty, been abused, not shown love, been left, lost your job but that is not what is hindering you today. It is the STORY you are telling yourself about it that is hindering you today.

We all have a choice how we want to define our self.

The deep truth that separates those who experience fulfillment, joy, love and happiness in their life and those who do not is the STORY they tell themselves […]

I Burned My Wedding Dress…with Gasoline

And it was FABULOUS!

I woke early that morning at 6:20 am eager to get started on the purging process of my kitchen as I prepared to paint it.

As I cleaned out and purged the cupboards I exhausted all boxes and storage containers EXCEPT the one containing my wedding dress.

It’s time. I thought.

Time to be rid of it.

I decided it needed to burn.

It was going to be a ceremony and it was going to be sacred.

My wing woman Jana and I have been each other’s life witness since we were seven.

We’ve both been through the disappointment and heartache of dismantling a marriage we thought would be our forever life.

We know the path each has travelled.

To burn the dress with her would be fitting (no pun intended).

That afternoon I drove to town to pick up pizza and a metal trash can for the ceremony.

Turns out maybe using metal trash cans for burning wedding dresses has become so much of a hazard, that Home Depot doesn’t even carry them anymore, or maybe it is such a fad, they were just sold out.

No worries.

I was undaunted and determined to find a way.

The way turns out to be an over-sized stock pot from that old life that also needed to go.

As evening came, we prepared for the ceremony out in the backyard, garden hose on and close by.

Using a metal hanging rack and a wooden hanger we hung both the dress and the ten foot train, then tucked the bottom into the stock pot and attempted to set it on fire.

Either it had fire retardant on it or raw silk isn’t flammable…we needed some flammable assistance…”just like our marriages” we laughed.

Before […]

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Who Do I Want to Be?

It’s the last day of school before Christmas break and about an hour into the holidays my daughter discovers she has lost her iPod. On the ten minute drive back to the school she retraces her steps in her mind and remembers she set it down in the bathroom to wash her hands and thinks that’s where she might have left it.

After banging on a window to get a janitors attention to get into the locked school, searching the bathroom, the drama room and her locker, the iPod is not found. The office is dark and locked, all the office staff gone home to be with their families for the holidays.

My daughter emerges from the school deflated, sad and anxious. “My whole life is on that iPod Mom. What am I going to do?”

My heart aches for her.

 I know it is how she connects and interacts with all her friends; texting, tweeting, facebooking and tumblring and I remember how important it is to be in the loop at 14.

I know she has hundreds of carefully selected songs saved to her iPod and I think how I would have felt at  14 to have lost all those carefully complied cassettes I so coveted back in 1985.

And I know she has pictures of her friends and special moments saved to her iPod and nowhere else that cannot be recaptured or recovered.

I know that […]

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Self-Centered With A Bow On Top

Being self-centered is shameful…shamefully generous.

The very meaning of self-centered is the SELF is CENTERED.

Who doesn’t want to be centered?

For our SELF, our BEING to be centered?

I personally LOVE IT when my BEING is CENTERED!

I am in my GROOVE. I am feeling my PASSION. I am lavishing in my VITALITY. I AM ALIVE!!!

I’ve been un-self-centered.

It feels Empty. Hollow. Lonely.

To be un-centered feels…off.

Off my path. Off my purpose. It feels like I have abandoned myself.

I like who I am! I want to hang out with me… ALWAYS…and to do that I need to be CENTERED in my SELF.


I teach my clients to do it.

I teach my kids to do it.

I want them to hang out with themselves too!

I want them to be in their GROOVE. To feel their PASSION. To lavish in their VITALITY. To be on their PATH. To be on PURPOSE  & feel TERRIFICALLY ALIVE!

And I want that for YOU too!

What do you need to do today to be self-centered?

Say ‘NO’ to something that doesn’t work for you?

Then go ahead…say it…”No thanks, that doesn’t work for me.”

Take…not Make…but Take time in your day for something that lights you up…something that just makes you feel content & delicious & loved inside. Do it…I’ll wait…

When we are self-centered, when our SELF is CENTERED and we meet our own NEEDS we want to share that feeling of fulfilled exuberance with others so they too can experience it!

When our cup is filled and running over we are happy to bolster and encourage others to do the same.

It just makes us more loving human beings.

When we give permission to ourselves to be self-centered, we also then give others the permission […]

How to Release Your Victim & Own Your Victory

“Why is this happenining to me?”

Ever said that?

I sure have.

Until I began to see I was making myself the Victim. No one else was.

I can hear you saying “Yes, but my situation is different.”

And I will give you that. The situation is always different.

But the thought is the same.

When we are thinking “Why is this happening to me?” we feel powerless, hopeless, defeated, angered, cheated, saddened, hurt, frustrated, enraged, lonely…

And from this place we each take action that inevitably results in us giving our power away;

  • we rage at someone, giving them the power to determine how we are going to feel
  •  we curl into a little ball under the covers, giving away our power to participate in our lives
  • we take it out on ourselves with internal criticism and self abuse, giving away our power to love ourselves
  •  we bury the hurt under a happy face, giving away our power to acknowledge our emotions
  •  we run from our emotions by overing on food, alcohol, sleep, drugs, gambling, cleaning, shopping, exercise, endless re-runs of Desperate Housewives, numbing ourselves, giving away our power of choice.

When we CHOOSE to believe we are power-less, the result is that we make ourselves a Victim.

Our CHOICE to think we are power-less, causes us to feel power-less, which causes us to act power-less and voila…the result is WE ARE POWER-LESS.

We are less our power by the thought that we are, not by the situation.

Situations are always neutral.

It is what we think about the situation that causes us to feel pain […]